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Powerful Passport

Grenada has visa-free agreements with 120+ countries, including the EU member states, China and Russia

Dual Citizenship

There is no need to renounce your previous citizenship

Total Flexibility

There is no residency requirement, leaving you free to relocate to Grenada or to maintain your residence elsewhere

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Fast Processing Time

Grenadian citizenship can be acquired in as little as 4 months

Rich Landscapes

Grenada boasts rich and diverse flora and fauna, with landscapes ranging from crystal clear beaches to waterfalls and rain forests

Family Members

Bring the family: the standard application can include up to three dependents

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unique grenadian benefits

Grenadians can travel to China visa-free for up to 30 days. Grenadians can also travel to Russia visa-free for up to 90 days. This is a big advantage for investors with ties to China or Russia.  

Grenada is a signatory of the Commerce and Navigation Treaty. This means Grenadians have the unique opportunity to apply for the E2 Visa for purposes of investing and moving to the USA. The visa can be extended for as long as there is an investment of a substantial amount in the USA. The process of applying for a Grenadian citizenship and a E2 Visa can take as little as 6 months. 

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