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The applicant must first fulfil the personal requirements. These are:

  1. They must be at least 18 years old

  2. They must be of outstanding character and hold no criminal record

  3. Applicants must have excellent health

  4. Applicants must be high net-worth individuals and fulfill one of the investment options

If all requirements are fulfilled, the applicant may take the following steps. 


The applicant will choose Ousheng & Partners (O&P) as their Authorised International Marketing Agent. O&P will submit and handle the application with Grenada's Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC).


The applicant will be contacted by an Authorised Local Agent, who will help the applicant prepare the required documents to submit to the CBIC. The documents need to be in English and legalised. The required documents may vary depending on investment strategy. There is no interview process. O&P will guide you every step of the process.


The application is then vetted by the Grenadian government. This includes a due diligence background check where application information is examined and verified. If all documents are in order, the Minister makes the final decision following the CBIC's recommendations. The Minister will then issue a formal letter to announce the outcome of the application. 


If the application is successful, the CBIC will issue a letter instructing the applicant to either make the contribution to the NTF or complete the purchase of their real estate. The applicant must then produce the formal documents confirming contribution/purchase of real estate to the CBIC. Once this is complete, the CBIC can issue a certificate of registration, establishing Grenadian citizenship to the applicant. The Authorised Local Agent must use this certificate to apply for a Grenadian passport on behalf of the applicant. 

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